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Kitsho Welcomes the 2018 Graduates

With the exception of schools following the tri-mester school program, most of the other learning institutions follow the traditional calendar with March as culminating month of all student activity; especially for those that have...


Say Forever with Lombardi’s ‘Mi Completi’ Lovers Special

Wine and dine in the most romantic and decadent way this February at Lombardi’s Authentic Italian Restaurant, as it beguiles lovestruck couples with “Mi Completi” (You Complete Me), a tantalizing 4-course Lovers Special menu....


Chef Day Salonga

Section: MonDay Chefs Chef Day who hails fro, Laguna, co-founded MonDay Chefs – a restaurant consultancy firm providing creative solutions to both new and seasoned restaurant operators. Fuelled by his roots, his philosophy for cooking...


Chef Bruce Lim

  Section: Adaptable Gourmet Chef Bruce Lim was born and raised in the United States where he learned to love the kitchen at a very young age. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu, London...

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