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Chef Edith C. Singian

Section: Editha’s Way Chef Edith C. Singian, a book author and journalist, is known for her foolproof recipes. Seldom will you find a collection of culinary delights that have been precisely tested and retested, all...


Chef Day Salonga

Section: Chef By Day Chef Day Salonga, who hails from Laguna, is a culinary consultant to both seasoned and new restaurant operators. Together with his sister, Chef Gel, they own and manage Ted’s Kitchen,...


Sabrina Artadi

Section: Sabrina’s Kitchen “It’s like you’re in the mafia, once a Beauty Queen” always a Beauty Queen. So when I decided to produce my cooking show, ‘Oh really, you can cook?” My response: YOU BETTER...


Chef Bruce Lim

Section: Adaptable Gourmet Chef Bruce Lim was born and raised in the United States where he learned to love the kitchen at a very young age. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu, London where...

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