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As COOK Magazine celebrates 20 years in print, I look back to my favorite eats. As a food magazine editor, I’ve probably gone to over a hundred hotel and restaurant invites.

Make Mine Merquez

I thought the spicy month of February is the perfect time to introduce a perhaps not as well known a sausage as its German, Hungarian and Polish counterparts, the Merguez. Unlike most sausages it’s...

Spiced Up

Wars have been fought, lands discovered and conquered, immense wealth gained and blood shed all for a bit of zing, a whiff of the far-flung and a whole other world of flavor. The availability...

No Fail Kale

KALE VARIETIES Curly Kale or Scots Kale.Ruffled leaves and has deep green color. It has a light pungent flavor with delicious bitter peppery aftertaste. Ornamental Kale. Referred to as salad savoy. It has either...

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