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Canyon Woods Golf Course

For leisure and residential developments, having a golf course is one of the main draws. Golf is perfect for retirees, keeping them active and busy during the week.


Let’s Fika in Stockholm!

ust a few minutes in Stockholm in winter and my hands and face were instantly numb from the freezing temperatures. I was bundled up—4 layers on top, 2 layers on bottom, mittens, wool socks, winter boots and my trusty red beret—but still I wished I wore a ski mask! Later that evening, I didn’t notice an icy patch on the pavement and I slipped, fell and hit my hip and my camera bounced beside me.


Bountiful as a Bibimbap

A spoonful of bibimbap can transport you to Korea, the rich and distinctive taste encapsulating the Asian country. The iconic mixed-rice dish has become of one of the most recognizable and popular foods around the world.


A Regal Experience at Hong Kong

Filipinos love a bargain and judging from a cursory survey of those going to Hong Kong despite the protests, or maybe Pinoys travel because of it in lieu of perceived bargains—Filipinos are certainly not deterred.


My London Top 10

Hop on the Number 11 London Bus from Liverpool Street station, go upstairs and sit up front on the right-hand side (but pay the bus driver first!).

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