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Canyon Woods Golf Course

For leisure and residential developments, having a golf course is one of the main draws. Golf is perfect for retirees, keeping them active and busy during the week.


Let’s Fika in Stockholm!

ust a few minutes in Stockholm in winter and my hands and face were instantly numb from the freezing temperatures. I was bundled up—4 layers on top, 2 layers on bottom, mittens, wool socks, winter boots and my trusty red beret—but still I wished I wore a ski mask! Later that evening, I didn’t notice an icy patch on the pavement and I slipped, fell and hit my hip and my camera bounced beside me.


Bountiful as a Bibimbap

A spoonful of bibimbap can transport you to Korea, the rich and distinctive taste encapsulating the Asian country. The iconic mixed-rice dish has become of one of the most recognizable and popular foods around the world.

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