Irresistibly delicious dark chocolate flavors

Enjoy the rich and healthy goodness of Villa Del Conte Bonta Dark Chocolates that comes in two unique yet irresistibly delicious flavors: extra dark chocolate pralines with caramel coffee cream and wafers; and extra...


Welcome to the age of whisky

From barrel to bottle, whisky is shrouded in mystery, myth, and misconception. The amber-hued drink has recently captured the interest of the Philippine market, and as with most infatuations in their infancy, the Pinoy adoration for...


Suite Holiday Dream at Diamond Hotel

As the festive season calls for family reunions and get-togethers with good old friends, Christmas shopping, romantic engagements and all the other yuletide revelry, make time to relax during the holidays. Diamond Hotel Philippines...


The Perfect Holiday Table at Diamond Hotel

With just a few weeks left before the merriment, Diamond Hotel Philippines is ready to serve you with the perfect holiday table. Have memorable and stress-free yuletide festivities with family and friends and let...

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