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Padova, Italy: Where The Sweetness Began

Amongst the crowded areas, a small, idyllic town nestles in the heart of Padova, Italy called Villa del Conte. It is where ancient legacies dwell, and soon became the home of world-class artisanal chocolates....


Philippines’ Bartender of the Year Title Up for Grabs as Diageo Reserve Launches World Class Bartender of the Year 2015

The Philippines is set to name its next Bartender of the Year as Diageo Reserve World Class, the cocktail industry’s most prestigious and respected mixology competition worldwide, takes off to higher heights this 2015....


Around the World in Food

          PARIS: Local Bistro Café Paris is a Mecca for foodies! So many great chefs learned the ABCs of fine cookery here. There was an interesting episode of Anthony Bourdain’s...


Tenten Geocaniga

Section: 10 for Ten If I could get paid for traveling and eating, then I’d have the perfect job. Anthony Bourdain is my hero! I have been blessed with the opportunity to see and...

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