Daily Archive: June 4, 2019

My Super Dad: Dad’s Day Off at Diamond Hotel Philippines

The man who has given you all the best deserves only the best this Father’s Day. Diamond Hotel Philippines salutes all Dads, uncles, grandfathers and father figures with a premium staycation getaway and an array of irresistible dining offers to enjoy after a long day of being super.

Today is National Cheese Day!

Cheese is such a wonderful food that you can’t outgrow it. Next to milk, cheese would be one of the earliest foods we tasted and the delight of it stayed on from infancy to well…my now senior life.

Happy National Cheese Day from Eden!

Today is National Cheese Day! This internet phenomenon may have unclear roots. But what’s clear is everyone can relate to celebrating the deliciousness and creaminess that cheese, particularly the country’s #1 cheese, Eden brings to the dishes we serve our families.

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