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Battling Everyday Tough Malodors with Downy

Boom Boom every day malodors and Power up freshness with the best formulated fabric softener from Downy! #BoomBoomPow Downy, the leading global fabric care brand, hosted a ‘malodor challenge’ among select mommy celebrities and...


Over 100 years of Vacuum Expertise and Innovations

Since 1912, Electrolux has been revolutionizing the cleaning industry with well-thought designs and efficient technologies that offer the ultimate cleaning experience for homes across the globe.   Considered a visionary and sales genius, company...


Your favorite pasta dishes now in ArmyNavy!

Army Navy is back at it again! Presenting the newest addition to the Mextiza Pasta variants, Pasta and Meatballs, and Carbonara! It’s now available at ArmyNavy Luzon stores.  Mextiza – coined word of Mexican and Mestiza Pasta, represents the combination of...


Celebrate Friendships with Toblerone

They say true friends are hard to come by, so if you’ve found yours go and tell them how special they are. Pay tribute to your special kind of friendship by gifting your friends...

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