Hive Mind

        It takes 40,000 to 60,000 bees and about 2 million flowers to make 500g of honey. Long before sugar became widely used, honey has been valued as a natural sweetener...


Juice It Slow and Tender

The summer heat and blazing sun can wreak havoc on our skin. And since we all need to keep hydrated, why not do so while keeping your skin well nourished? While drinking lots of...


Exquisite Dining Pleasures with Connoisseur

When you take on the name Connoisseur, you are confident that what you’re offering is exceptional. Such is the philosophy behind Connoisseur Catering. They aim to offer an exquisite and unforgettable dining experience to...


Amazing 15 Years!

15 years. At a time when the threat of print losing out to online is very real, being published for 15 straight years, every single month is quite a feat. It means 180 issues...


“LOVE, LOVE , LOVE, My HUROM Slow Juicer”

TV Host, Actress, the country’s Queen of Talk KRIS AQUINO is one credible personality when it comes to sharing insights on family, kids, clean living and healthy lifestyle. “I would say Josh, for me,...


F1 Hotel Manila Welcomes New Executive Chef

F1 Hotel Manila welcomes its new Executive Chef, Eugene San Juan. The proudly Filipino culinary veteran will bring over three decades of expertise, elevating the food and beverage offerings of the Filipino hospitality brand....

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