Author: Magnolia Silvestre

East, West, and the Pacific

Homare at The Bellevue You know the quality of the food will be excellent when the hors-d’oeuvres are already good. I can’t count how many of the eggplant, radish mille-feuille with spicy tuna, and...

Wood Grilled Prime Ribeye

The Season of Canadian Beef

Canadian Beef has been slowly but steadily making itself an option at various establishments, the latest one being Sage Bespoke Grill at the Makati Shangri-La.

Trippa Alla Romana tossed in Pecorino Romano Cheese Wheel

Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia!

Perhaps you won’t find a more quintessential name for an Italian restaurant than Mamma Mia. It’s also the expression you most often say when parodying an Italian accent and doing it badly, but then that also makes the restaurant feel accessible.

Luyang dilaw (yellow ginger) and its powdered form - turmeric

Brews and Potions

If my mother were a Hogwarts professor she would definitely be in Potions and Herbology. There are always things brewing in our house.

Through a Glass Sparkly

It’s Christmas and as everyone is all agog with the merrymaking and wolfing down loads of food, my thoughts turn to water.

Food Courts, Proper Taqueria, Cheese Milk

I’ve always thought of Glorietta 4’s Food Choices as one of the true democratic spaces that can exist in a mall. During its first iteration, it heralded what a modern food court could look like.

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