Easter Sports Camp at F1 Hotel Manila

Get your “game face” on and join F1 Hotel Manila in a one-of-a-kind Easter exploration. Be in your best sports gear and dash your way to the hotel’s Infinity Ballroom on April 5, 2015...


Pray and Play in Pangasinan

Text and Photos by BERNARD SUPETRAN   Mention Pangasinan and two images come instantly to mind—Manaoag Shrine and Hundred Islands—two destinations which entice one to pray and play in this charming northern getaway. It...


School’s Out

        Who hasn’t felt the euphoric end of the school year or the victory of having achieved an important milestone?   My desserts for this month   take on a fun quality...


Simple Touch Popcorn Maker

Popcorn shouldn’t come down to a choice between butter and cheese powder flavors. Being quite bland, popcorn lends itself to whatever flavor you’d like. Sweet, savory, spicy or a mixture of each, popcorn can...


Have A Guava

        Native to Mexico and Central Americas, Guava is a tropical fruit that has unique flavor, taste, and health-promoting qualities. Because of its high profile nutrients, it is often called “super-fruit.” ...


The ABCs of Southern BBQ

There’s this new-ish show on TV called Man,Fire,Food. The show’s host, Chef Roger Mooking, goes around the U.S. to experience and learn about traditional, basic ways of cooking with fire. From Spanish/ Mexican barbecue...

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