Occasions Filipinos never fail to celebrate

Red Ribbon cakes, breads and pastries turn these celebrations into memorable family moments   For Filipinos, food and celebrations are inseparable.  Nothing seems to reinforce the social bonds better than occasions made memorable by...


Tecnogas makes a comeback in the Philippines

Tecnogas, the Italian brand for cooking appliances, is making a comeback to the Philippine shores. With the goal of making high-quality products available to Filipino consumers, Appstar Global Distributors Inc. is exclusively distributing Tecnogas...


Jollibee Chickenjoy made more Affordelicious!

Loyal fans of Jollibee’s crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy are in for a real treat as everyone’s all-time favorite langhap-sarap fried chicken is now available at a more Affordelicious price. The 1-piece Chickenjoy Value Meal can...


The Freshest Catch from Pacific Bay

The recent surge in the culinary landscape has resulted in an increased interest in cooking, encouraging many to experiment in their own kitchens. With Pacific Bay, sourcing ingredients is not a problem. The seafood...

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