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Bountiful as a Bibimbap

A spoonful of bibimbap can transport you to Korea, the rich and distinctive taste encapsulating the Asian country. The iconic mixed-rice dish has become of one of the most recognizable and popular foods around the world.

Red, Hot, and Cool

Spicy food is something that I personally enjoy eating. It adds life to a lot of dishes, and it speeds up the metabolism. With the growing trend of super-hot spicy noodle challenge or atomic hot sauce, people tend to misunderstand the meaning of spicy.

Harissa Plaza

When we think of spice or say something is spicy, what comes to mind? Well, chilies, of course. Through the years, we’ve gone from siling labuyo to hot sauces, to chili garlic, to thicker hot sauces like Sriracha and more recently, Gochujang paste.

Classic Comfort

In today’s bustling restaurant scene, it’s hard to imagine that only a little over a decade ago, the words gourmet and comfort food weren’t as familiar to diners in Metro Manila.

Talisay—the Garden Café

I’ve known Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou for five, maybe six years now. While we aren’t super close, I see him often enough and we have enough exchanges on social media and in person that I consider him a friend.

Through a Glass Sparkly

It’s Christmas and as everyone is all agog with the merrymaking and wolfing down loads of food, my thoughts turn to water.

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