Author: Chef Dino Datu

Foodies of the Pandemic

Foodies of the Pandemic looks at how people in the food industry were affected by COVID-19. More importantly, this section aims to inspire and show how people have coped and even thrived during this...


A week before the Metro Manila lockdown, my wife Gel, her friend Elaine, and I headed up north for a wedding. It was the first week of March and with the summer heat knocking...

Chinese Pantry Specials

Apart from Filipino food, our cooking is most closely related to and influenced by Chinese cuisine. From centuries of trade and intermarriages, our palates have always been exposed to Chinese ingredients and flavor combinations....

It’s our 20th year!

COOK Magazine has been in print for two decades. That’s 240 monthly issues, thousands of recipes, restaurant reviews, and food trips. While I joined the team in 2005, I’ve been around for most of COOK’s 20 years.


As COOK Magazine celebrates 20 years in print, I look back to my favorite eats. As a food magazine editor, I’ve probably gone to over a hundred hotel and restaurant invites.

Baumann Living and Tylr Home

Visiting appliance showrooms is always a fun activity. You get to see the latest and best products, and even get to test them. In this age of shopping online and getting things delivered, actually seeing products up close has become a bit of a rarity.

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