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Foodie Road Trip with the Suzuki Ertiga

The sun is out, the kids have no school, everyone’s either going somewhere or planning to do so. It’s summer and it can only mean one thing—Road Trip! But we can’t settle for just...


Juice It Slow and Tender

The summer heat and blazing sun can wreak havoc on our skin. And since we all need to keep hydrated, why not do so while keeping your skin well nourished? While drinking lots of...


Exquisite Dining Pleasures with Connoisseur

When you take on the name Connoisseur, you are confident that what you’re offering is exceptional. Such is the philosophy behind Connoisseur Catering. They aim to offer an exquisite and unforgettable dining experience to...


Simple Touch Popcorn Maker

Popcorn shouldn’t come down to a choice between butter and cheese powder flavors. Being quite bland, popcorn lends itself to whatever flavor you’d like. Sweet, savory, spicy or a mixture of each, popcorn can...


Chefs Never Stop Learning

By MICHAEL PITUC | Photography by MICHAEL ANTHONY SAGARAN   John Christian Resurreccion and Rhomanii Bergantinos were both looking for the best Culinary School that would train them well, and they both found it...

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