Author: Chef Day Salonga

Pares Takes: A Nod to Noodles

Beef pares has long been popular “street food,” ever since it was invented in the 1970s by the Tiu family. Their restaurant, Jonas, along Mayon Street in Quezon City, used to be the go-to...


Citrus fruits always bring a sense of freshness to them. Whether eaten as is or squeezed into a dressing, the juicy tartness it gives any dish livens it up. From the rind to the...

Harissa Plaza

When we think of spice or say something is spicy, what comes to mind? Well, chilies, of course. Through the years, we’ve gone from siling labuyo to hot sauces, to chili garlic, to thicker hot sauces like Sriracha and more recently, Gochujang paste.

Spice-up the Season

Fruitcakes, cookies, ensaymada, cakes and pastries of all sorts…these are what we typically receive, send and recycle year after year.

Fresh, Light, and Roasted

As a holiday centerpiece, roasts are normally associated with large chunks of meat. Whole pigs, whole birds, quarters of lamb and sections of beef are what usual roasts tend to be. Technically, roasting pertains to cooking with a steady, indirect heat.

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